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Our Approach 24/7 Response

24 Hour Emergency Service

The reliable and economic operation of your HVAC systems protects the integrity of sensitive equipment including IT systems, ‘mission critical’ operations and in production environments minimises processing downtime and
product spoilage.

Haden combines the expertise of a national company with experienced local service personnel to help you keep your HVAC system online and operating at optimum conditions. All day every day.

With hundreds of vehicles on the road around the country, Haden can offer a 24 hour emergency response service that is second to none.  

The Norfolk Hub is focused on delivering a tailored call centre solution of the highest calibre, assuring optimum performance and compliance of service delivery standards. Key to the service is The Hub’s commitment to Service Levels – managing inbound/outbound calls quickly and efficiently with the support of web enabled technology.  

Whether your facility is recently constructed or approaching the end of its service life, Haden has a dedicated team nearby to meet your needs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our experienced technicians have experience in a wide range of HVAC equipment, across all size and type of air conditioning systems.