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Faced with the challenge of reducing your running costs?


Increasing pressures to measure, manage and mitigate carbon emissions, along with ongoing expectations to keep running costs to a minimum is challenging for any building owner – but Haden and O’Donnell Griffin have the expertise, technology and resources to tune your Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC) and Electrical systems and reduce your building’s energy consumption.

O’Donnell Griffin can help you reduce your energy burden through electrical modifications like LED energy efficient lighting, control systems and power factor correction.  And with air conditioning responsible for approximately 65% of a typical facility’s energy cost Haden can tune your systems to provide potentially significant efficiency gains.

Talk to us about tailoring a solution to inject new life into your air conditioning and electrical systems and achieve efficiencies comparable with newer buildings. We can show you how system enhancements can result in rapid cost recovery.

To improve your building efficiency, call Haden on 0800 STAY COOL for HVAC systems and O’Donnell Griffin on 0800 800 155 for electrical systems. 

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