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Stay ahead of legislation BMS


With the growth of energy efficiency legislation and soaring costs in power and resources worldwide, how does a company continually increase its efficiency and reduce its overheads?

This issue is critical as governments and regulatory bodies globally are legislating to ensure business complies with these tough new levels of statutory emissions control.

The changes are occurring so quickly that the most compliant company this week may not be next week.

This is why it is fundamental that providers of building management systems partner with technological leaders whose products are evolving in line with the kinds of dynamic, ‘under continuous development’ standards in their industry.

For example, the BACnet data communication protocol for building automation and control networks has transformed the industry. The protocol was developed under the auspices of the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), and meets the ISO global standard.

The protocol is so dynamic it opens up exciting new opportunities for creating innovative products and solutions in building automation.

Both Haden and our New Zealand based sister company Climatech are approved system integrators with Cylon Controls, one of the largest and fastest growing independent manufacturers of building control systems in Europe.

Cylon is extremely responsive to developing its systems in line with BACnet changes and new formats. It supports, for example, both BACnet/IP, a communication protocol at the building level, and BACnet MS/TP, a communication protocol at the controller level.

We work closely with Cylon consultants on emerging protocols and compliance issues. For example, one of Cylon’s new products, the UC32.16H (a package unit controller), has been designed specifically for Haden to meet the Australian packaged unit market. Its flexible output selection suits multiple fan, heating and cooling applications including economy cycle.

To assist clients, Haden and Climatech has developed a system for identifying how Cylon Control products can be of maximum assistance and constantly working to provide the latest innovations.

We gather information on client needs, look at existing BMS and control systems, identify the interface required to the existing front-end, establish a points list and whether remote access is required, and, taking into account the client’s budget, discuss this directly with Cylon’s local consultants.

While most competitors offer off-the-shelf solutions, Haden and Climatech work directly with Cylon to provide a tailored solution that offers continually updating technology to ensure clients remain at the forefront of technology.

David Andrews
General Manager Business Development

Haden Engineering Pty Limited
Int: 61 438147135
Aus:  0438147135

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