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BEMCS Helping Hotels Meet the Carbon Challenge


The challenge facing hotels to monitor and manage their energy use goes beyond simple cost management measures, explains Mark Dredge of Haden in the latest issue of Hotel Engineer.

In today’s world, the installation of a quality BMS is critical to reducing the carbon footprint of a hotel as desired in the 2020 initiative and to satisfy the desire of corporate travellers to demonstrate their green credentials through the accommodation they select.

Hotels are currently dealing with the competing demands of a clientele with increasingly sophisticated, high energy demands (eg temperature controlled rooms with individual setpoints, plasma TVs in standard rooms etc) and regulators requiring a reduction of energy use within all commercial buildings.

Energy costs are second only to staff costs in most hotels, so it is imperative to know where your energy is being used in order to better manage your systems. With mechanical services as one of the key consumers of energy (typically 50-60% of all energy consumed for a modern office) and water in many hotels during operation, this is the ideal place to start when looking at managing your hotel’s running costs.

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