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Haden Keeps Cool with School Library Air Conditioning


For children and staff at Tamworth High, working in a library with faulty air conditioning has been a regular part of school life. Despite many attempts at repairs by other air conditioning companies, it remained a problem until Haden’s Dion Madams and Mick Crough took up the challenge.

Tamworth High has a gas furnace/evaporative cooler twin system installed in the library. According to the Librarian, this system has never worked properly and has been subject to constant breakdowns over the past 25 years. Nobody has been able to fix this and over the course of its life, many components have been disconnected and many wiring changes have been made.

Michael and Dion have spent 5 days working on repairing this system, reconnecting components, re wiring and bringing this system back up to its original designed condition. Although labour intensive, under the contract Haden have to repair or replace the system. A replacement system could cost upwards of 60K due to the location.

In a letter of thanks from the Librarian, Elizabeth Adams, and the Principal of Tamworth High, Wayne Chaffey, they explain how Dion and Mick “left no stone unturned to get to the root of the problem and rise to the challenge of restoring it to a serviceable level. We very much appreciated their perseverance and expertise. They were thorough gentlemen and a credit to your company.”

Matt Mann, Area Supervisor-Building Services for Tamworth, Armidale and Moree Districts, passes on “a big thank you to Michael and Dion for their professionalism in both tradesmanship and customer service”.

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