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Training a Key to Staff Retention


The current talent shortage has affected the way companies recruit and retain staff. Employers are finding it difficult to keep up with the tight candidate market and candidates are finding themselves in a better position than ever to negotiate. Haden Engineering, a Norfolk Group company and one of Australia’s leading non-residential HVAC maintenance providers, is addressing this industry-wide issue by implementing strategies for staff development and initiatives to both retain and attract new talent.

Organic growth and investing in employees is a core company commitment at Haden. The company promotes its national foot print and its commitment to apprentices as a way to attract candidates to its business. Of its 800 employees, 183 are apprentices and trainees. Haden supports its apprentices throughout their training period and offers incentives to those who choose to become dual traders through flexible arrangements,with individiuals..

Haden also has additional internal training and educational programs for professionals, partnering with professional organisations such as Engineers Australia. This promotes the professional career development of Haden’s design engineers. Further to this, Haden supports the ongoing development of its senior people in the completion of their Masters in Business Administration and the National Certificate IV in Business for their front line managers. Employees have the opportunity to keep their professional qualifications up-to-date in order to adapt to new demands and challenges as well as underpinning the continuous development of Haden’s intellectual property.

Haden’s recent restructure of the construction and service departments has helped Haden to answer customer demand while benefiting staff development by providing employees with new opportunities to take on more challenging roles and specialise in a particular field.

Haden’s training and development initiatives also extend overseas. This year, Haden plans to send skilled Australian chiller technicians to its sister companies in India. They will conduct classroom and on-the-job training in several locations including Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore.

Haden has also developed strategies to ensure that the core values of the company are understood by and align with all employees. Integral to this is the four day COSMIC value program. The COSMIC program consists of educating staff on: Customer commitment, Our People, Success, Management Experience, Integrity and Communication

Milan Stanojevic, Divisional HR Manager (Norfolk Mechanical) says that “It is essential that all employees in the business are involved in the process of communicating the company’s core values.

Each employee of Haden will be involved in the COSMIC program, linking people into the core values and emphasising our dedication to our people.” said Mr Stanojevic.

Haden also offers flexible working options, mature-aged workers scheme and a fly-in fly-out option if workers are working on a site away from their residence.

Employees and organisations face an ever-changing business landscape in the mechanical industry and Haden realises that for an organisation to be competitive it must ensure it puts in place effective and meaningful strategies to attract and retain their best people.

Richard Nicholson
Divisional Sales Manager

Haden Engineering Pty Limited
Int: 61 417 231 551
Aus:  0417 231 551

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