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Our Approach Asset Management

Asset Management

Our asset management provides ‘real time’ transparency, accuracy and accountability in reporting – the ultimate keys to comprehensive cost management.

Using Bluetooth technology and integrated with our business intelligence systems including Pronto and In4mer, our online web-based reporting tool, you see what we see.

This allows your Haden Preventative Maintenance team to respond with the most appropriate and timely solutions to achieve optimum productivity from your mechanical infrastructure.

Your critical mechanical assets can be optimised to ensure that you achieve the best return on investment.

Asset management benefits for our customers include the following:

  • Haden's systems assist in reducing failures and considerably, allowing your business to perform to its maximum 24/7/365
  • performance reporting matches customer KPIs
  • real-time monitoring on individual assets delivers verifiable and objective reports
  • easy to compare continued maintenance cost against replacement cost
  • remediation or replacement proposals based on accurate data
  • trends become apparent earlier
  • budgets and capex can be accurately assessed in advance
  • automated alerts
  • customised reporting based on customer’s asset logs or barcodes
  • drill-down functionality by site, building or equipment types
  • prevention of breakdowns before they occur
  • optimum reliability and availability of HVAC plant and services
  • zero start-up costs.